Import from cif. Atomic positions

Dear community members,
I’m trying to import crystal structure from .cif file in avogadro2 (1.93).
Cell parameters are read correctly. But there is a problem with atoms - all atomic coordinates are zero . The number of atoms and their names (types) are present.
I tried to import several .cif files, from several databases, but I didn’t succeed.
Did somebody face the same problem? please, help. Or any suggestions?

Definitely weird.

  • What version of Open Babel do you have installed?
  • Can you post a link to the file?

I regularly use CIF from the COD with little problem.


  1. Open Babel 3.0.0
  2. as an example -

I think the problem is the older version of Open Babel. IIRC there was a bug in the CIF reader, which is fixed in 3.1.x.