How to highlight protein section based on amino acid number

I am trying to do something very simple but am new to the system and am having trouble.
I have a protein structure, imported from SWISS-MODEL, I just want to recolor a segment of amino acids, e.g. #50-100. The “select” function doesn’t seem to be the correct tool here (?).

The “select by residue” in Avogadro 1.x doesn’t accept numbers.

The latest 1.95.x version should - I specifically added code to allow Select => By Residue and then “50-100” to select those amino acids, then View => Color Atoms (or View => Color Residues for Cartoon renderings).


I updated the software to a 1.95x version and this mechanism works when residues are separated by comas. This there a trick to making a range work? I’ve tried various formats: with quotes, without extra punctuation etc. all hyphenated, but nothing is being selected.