How to draw molecules on a plane


On 2010-08-02 02:12, Claudiu Bucur wrote:

the align function has an “everything” and “molecule” setting.
i just played around with 2 short molecules to check if it works and it
allows me to orient both molecules to the axes i need based on the 1->2
center->end atoms i select.

I think the 1->2 > center->end atoms idea needs to be extended to:

(1->2->3) * n => n molecules aligned on a line (1->2) and plane (1->2->3)

if you are dealing with several molecule which you are trying
to align to a plane, ( so on 2 axes instead of 1) then i suggest you use
packmol: along
with avogadro.

Looks interesting but I think it is too non-graphical for what I want to
do - which (at the moment) is to just align a number of molecules side
by side for structural comparison.

i was able to get really fancy figures with films/hydrated, ions in
solution, etc fixed to Si or Ge, etc surfaces. For large files i had
better luck with .xyz files instead of .pdb

Thanks - I will have a look at this later as I get more familiar with



hope this helps

Claudiu Bucur, PhD

On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 9:12 PM, Philip Rhoades <> wrote:


How did you use the align tool to do that? - it seems that it can
only align one molecule at a time to a particular axis.  It seems
quite difficult to me to align more than one molecule to a plane.



On 2010-07-30 01:26, Claudiu Bucur wrote:

    thank you,
    i was able to allign my polymer chains to a plane and then use
    gimp to
    "mount" that layer on top of a "substrate" layer and get an
    image of an
    "adsorbed" film.

    Claudiu Bucur, PhD
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    On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Geoffrey Hutchison
    < <>
    <>>> wrote:

     > is it possible to draw a plane and mount molecule on it, to
        simulate the deposition of a film on a substrate?

        No, not really. The first part of that "draw a plane" is the
        sticking point. It *is* possible to align molecules in
        planes and/or simulate depositing molecules on a substrate.

        To align a molecule, use the Align tool:

        Hope that helps,

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