How to draw cyclohexane chair form

please anyone guide me how to draw to chair conformation of cyclohexane… when I go to BUILD> INSERT>FRAGMENTS>CYCLIC ALKANES>>CYCLOHEXANE-CHAIR.CML>INSERT done the problem is that chair structure is not formed. rather simple cyclohexane structure is formed… please please anyone help me sorting out the problem

I’m not sure what you mean by “simple cyclohexane” form. (There are a few conformations for cyclohexane, but I’ve never heard one of the called “simple.”)

But I can confirm that if you insert that file:


Rotate the view with the “Navigate” tool and de-select all:


It’s definitely a chair. If you don’t like that orientation, either use the “Manipulate” tool to rotate the molecule or the “Navigate” tool to rotate the view.

I am really thankfull to you for helping me…but when I rotate the view by navigate tool it moves farther and farther but… it rotates very slighty. can u please help me rotating it into chair form

can you please send me its Avogadro file