How to display ligands as ball and stick and macromolecules as cartoons (if protein) / rings (if nucleic acids) in Avogadro?

Avogadro has many good qualities but I can’t seem to find a way to display ligands differently to macromolecules in the same view window. Frankly I can’t seem to find a way to display any two things differently (like one as ball and stick, another as ribbons, or w/e) to one another in the same view. It seems like in a given view window everything has to be displayed the same way, there’s no room for making one part displayed one way and another part displayed another way. Am I correct in this, or is it possible to set different display styles for different components of the present view?

In Avogadro 1.x, this is possible and covered in the documentation:

How silly I feel now, sorry. I had tried the select residue part, trying to tick display types in the side menu on a per component basis but that failed. But this guide works perfectly, thanks.

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