How to change atom label font size

I’d like the font size for atom labels to be larger for use in presentation slides or documents, but I don’t see anything happening when I select larger fonts. Clicking on the wrench next to Label brings up the dialog box, but the only feature that seems to be working is the Atom Labels Text box- I changed from the default Symbol & Atom number to Element symbol and that worked. However, no matter which font Family, Typeface, or Size I select, nothing changes. My only option is to deselect labels, export to a jpeg file, open the .jpg file in a drawing program and add labels. I’m new to Avogadro, and I’msure there’s something simple I’m not doing. I’d appreciate any pointers.

Avogadro version: 1.2
Operating system and version: Mac OS 10.13.6

Yes, it’s a good suggestion. I don’t think I have time to implement it in 1.2, but it’s something for 2.0…

Thanks; I figured I was overlooking something.