How can designers help?

Where can designers of all kinds find things to work on for this project?
Product (UX/UI) designers, visual designers, interaction designers, motion designers, graphic designers, UX writers, etc.

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Where can I start? Can I make a list? :heart:

To some degree, the first question would be how much chemistry the designers understand, since the app is intended for at least a high-school to college level of chemistry background.

That said, I think the first crucial step is on the toolbar. For the most part developers / chemists designed the icons, and many could use help.

(There are a few more tools still in development as well.)

  • Navigation Tool (rotate, zoom, translate the camera)
  • Edit Tool (freehand draw for atoms and bonds)
  • Template Tool (insert pre-defined fragments)
  • Atom Label Tool (add or edit custom atom labels)
  • Selection Tool (a rectangular drag-to-select atom tool)
  • Atom Manipulation Tool (translate / rotate individual atoms or selections)
  • Bond-Centric Manipulation (use the mouse to change bond lengths, angles)
  • Measure Tool
  • Animation Tool (move through multiple frames of animation or record movies)

Any / all of those could use feedback or refinement. In some cases, I suspect features have ended up in tools rather than splitting into new tools. So in addition to the icon design, some UX / interaction discussion would be welcome.

For example, the selection tool offers options:


So “Apply Color” lets you color selected atoms. “Change Layer” lets you move the selected atoms into a new layer if you want to change rendering options, etc.

In short, IMHO the top priority is sorting out tools:

  • Do the names of the tools and the icons properly explain their behavior to new users
  • Should some tools be split (e.g., one “navigate tool” vs. separate tools for rotating and translating)
  • Do the features in the tool panels make UX sense vs. becoming menu commands or separate tools (e.g., should we have a “paint tool” to apply custom colors to atoms)

That would be a huge help.

Beyond that, I can start to put together a list.

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Wow! Thanks for answering. This is really helpful, and what can be much more helpful is that more comprehensive list you offered to make.

Also, Is there a way we can schedule a call where you walk me round the entire project?
Can you set out an hour from your schedule?
I’m in UTC+1, btw.

Thanks again for your help. :raised_hands:t5:

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@Nick_Ikenma Thank you for your interest. There equally is a separate/additional landing page with a section «contribute». Entry «feature requests» relays to the corresponding GitHub page of issues, some of them related to «Avogadro’s interface works differently, than anticipated», too.