Hi Could someone please tell me how to export 3D chem models to other applications like Maya, Blender or 3DS Max? VRML is not working properly

Avogadro is an excellent application to generate 3D chemical models, however when I wanted to export the model to 3D application like Maya rather than other chemistry software I got trouble.

The VRML function in 1.2 version is only working for a kind of stick model, whereas I wish to export whatever in the viewport of Avogadro, like the ball and stick model. And the STL export in 2.0 version is not working at all. The XYZ format sometimes works, but also the 3D model is just simply some sticks, and not looking good.

I don’t see other option there. I even tried the PDB format for Maya to use mMaya plugin to load in PDB data. But the mMaya plugin simply report the PDB file from Avogadro is ‘incomplete’ and imports nothing.

So I run out of idea, and how can I convert the model in to a format like obj/fbx/ply etc. ?

I’ve done 3D prints using VRML support in v1.2 - including balls and sticks and orbitals:

So I’m confused why you only see sticks from VRML. It really does write out the viewport. What software are you opening the VRML?

There’s a small bit of work before VRML is ready for 2.0, but it’s the same code as 1.2, so I’d like to know the problem there first.

VRML seems working in Avogadro version 1.91, I finally could export the wrl file to Blender.
However the raw wrl file is ugly if rendering directly, I have to smooth it to make it look good.
This way is better than using Blender’s PDB import function.