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Help Needed - User Documentation 2.0

While the 1.9x series is still in active development, we’d really like to have some nice user documentation for the 2.0 release.

This would also include:

  • Screenshots (on multiple platforms)
  • Tutorial videos / walk-throughs
  • Editing
  • Possible language translation if that interests you.

While some things have changed substantially, some parts of the documentation just need some minor edits and new screenshots.

Also, to quote @mhanwell from the push for v1.0:

It would also be great to hear what forms of documentation people find
most valuable, what features you feel need the most documentation.

In short, we’re looking for some help generating screenshots, examples, tutorials and the like.

We’d also like your thoughts on features that are poorly documented or tasks you’d like to know how to perform in Avogadro 2.0.

I’m cooking up some swag, so I can promise goodies as a means to thank everyone.

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