Hardware recommendations

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to the forum in this way, I have a question about any recommended system requirements for good performance in specifying a Windows based hardware configuration. In particular, I am interested in any requirements or benefits of using a particular GPU over any other.

I work in IT and have a new academic at the university who would like a system to run several bits of software including Avogadro and Avogadro 2.

Future plans for them would be possibly to upskill in Linux and run workloads on a HPC if this system isn’t sufficient.

Thanks in advance.

No, not particularly - at least for Avogadro 2 itself. They may wish to run other programs that use the GPU in which case they probably want something from Nvidia.

They will almost certainly want to run workloads on HPC. For most of us, we use Avogadro to design / visualize, but perform the calcs on Linux HPC clusters.

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