Fwd: The Avogadro - A big Fan

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From: José Fernando Ruggiero Bachega ferbachega@gmail.com
Date: July 14, 2010 12:25:48 PM EDT
To: geoff.hutchison@gmail.com
Subject: The Avogadro - A big Fan

dear professor Hutchison,

My name is Fernando Bachega and I’m a PhD student at university of São Paulo in Brazil. My main project is in protein Crystallography but one year ago I have been really interested in molecular dynamics and other computational chemistry resources. I like to say that Avogadro is a amazing software, and really wanna that this project just getting bigger. I’d like to contribute to this software, I have many ideas, unfortunately no computational skills to make happen…

So, Really thans for your attention and specially for AVOGADRO, it’s really good !

My best regards