Fwd: SourceForge.net wants to blog about Avogadro

Begin forwarded message:

From: Lee Schlesinger lschles@corp.sourceforge.com
Date: October 16, 2009 11:43:42 AM EDT
Subject: SourceForge.net wants to blog about Avogadro

I noticed some recent activity in your Avogadro project. We’re
looking for projects to highlight in our Community Blog (https://sourceforge.net/community/blog/
). Want to answer a few questions about your software so we can
write about your project?

I’ve drafted a reply here:

By the end of tomorrow (i.e. 2009-10-20, New York time), I’ll send
them a reply – hoping that maybe we can get publicity for Friday. :slight_smile:

If you have edits, suggestions, comments, etc., please post them on
the wiki or send me an e-mail.