Fwd: Request for considering my application to participate in Google Summer of Code with 3D Molecular Editor as the Project

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Subject: [Kalzium] Request for considering my application to participate in
Google Summer of Code with 3D Molecular Editor as the Project
Date: Montag, 19. März 2007 06:37
From: “Madhusudan C.S” madhusudancs@gmail.com
To: cniehaus@kde.org, kalzium@kde.org

Hi Carsten Niehaus,

                 I am Madhusudan.C.S, a second year Information Science

and Engineering student. I am very much interested in the 3D Molecular
Editor Project which you have proposed in KDE’s Ideas Page. I liked the idea
very much and I strongly feel that, this would really make a good project
for the Summer. I have almost written an Application(the attachment which I
have sent you with this mail) to be submitted to Google hoping that you
would accept my request. I am very desperate to do this project and I have
explained why I am so very desperate to do this project and I am targetting
this and only this project for the summer.

 The application is just a preliminary one and there are lots of

mistakes(both gramatical and spelling errors) in it. Sorry for writing such
a huge section about myself. I have primarily written that to impress you. I
have done so because I felt it was already late and I should approach you as
quickly as possible. I have written this application as soon as I saw this
project idea. I have asked few people to review it. I would be tailoring
most parts of the application upon your suggestions when I submit it to

     I have not explained the project's idea in detail in the

application which I would be doing after discussing the project ideas in
depth with you.

I have mentioned about a “Miniencyclopedia of Atomic Structure” project
which won me 2nd Prize for the State. I will send you the source code of the
project in my next mail to you. It is almost similar to your "Kalzium"
project but in a very premature state. But considering the fact that it was
done just using BASIC language, that too when I was just 13 years old
without any mentoring or support, I hope you would definitely like the

     So I request you to consider my application and mentor me for the

Google Summer of Code 2007.

P.S. : I also saw the “Strigi” project you have proposed in the KDE’s page.
I did not get the idea behind the project. If nobody takes up that project I
would be ready to do it, if you explain the goals of that project in detail,
since it is a project in Chemistry which I would love to do. But I really
don’t know the amount of time required to complete 3D Molecular Editor
project since I am doing a project professionally to this scale for the
first time. So if this project is over we can take that project if nobody is
doing it.

  • Madhusudan.C.S