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Font increase in high resolution screena

In high resolution screens the font in Avogadro-2 gets very small (at least for my eyesight) Is it it possible to personalize it?

Yes, definitely agree - working on that. Just FYI, what OS are you using?

CInnamon Linux Mint 20.1 (latest version) completely updated.

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Thanks - 1.94 will have a font-multiplier for high-res screens.

I’ll send a message when we have a patch. There will be a Flatpak build as well.

Here’s the pull request:

It may not be perfect if you drag windows between screens with different resolution… I still need to work on that part.

A preferences option in Avogadro would be great. Ubuntu Linux derivatives with gnome or Cinanamon GUI have font adjustments, but none modifies the Avogadro GUI.

I have found a simple (geeky) solution for Linux:

Check if your account has a folder called bin, if it is not there, create it. In most linuxes if you create it, or if it is already there it will be recognized from anywhere in your account (if it was not in your account you will have to log out and back into your account after you create the bin folder). In bin create a text file (I called it avo) to do that move into bin and type

touch avo
chmod +x avo

with your favorite text editor (vin, gedit, or ani other) and type de following into avo:


then save the file, and exit.

now if you type avo and return in a terminal window, you will have avodaro2 running with large letters in the GUI. Now avogadro2 looks like in the printscreen annexed


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If you edit the Avgadro2 icon in /usr/share/applications (must be root to do that) to point to the avo file (/home/csevcik/avo in my case) clicking on the Avogadro2 icon will activate the version with larger text in the GUI. I include a sample from my machine)