Feedback Wanted - Common Ligands / Functional Groups

I posted back in May about a new “template tool” for creating inorganic complexes and adding larger functional groups (e.g., click on a hydrogen atom to turn it into a t-butyl or sulfate group).

I’m working to build up a library of common ligands ranging from monodentate to hexadentate and various haptic ligands.

If you’re an inorganic or organometallic chemist, what are some common “must have” ligands?

  • aqua
  • ammine
  • carbony
  • cyano
  • en
  • bpy
  • EDTA
  • etc.

We also have a library of ~110 functional groups which should make it easier to build out “chunks”. Right now, we have:

  • carboxylate
  • amide
  • ester
  • nitro
  • sulfonate

What do you think are the top ~10 common functional groups (eg., beyond -OH, -NH2, etc. which are already quick to add)?

A few images: