Feature suggest: ball-and-stick model retaining display of hydrogen atoms

When going back and forth for the visual representation of ethane in the AppImage for Linux* running in Linux Debian 12/bookworm generated by import by name, I noticed electing the Ball and Stick model removes the spheres about the hydrogen atoms, while Licorice retains them.

Is it possible that there is a Avogadro has a toggle to display only the atoms of the molecule’s frame? If not, can future versions of Avogadro offer a Ball and Stick visualization including peripheral hydrogen atoms?


The export (e.g., .xyz, .sdf/.mol) does not seem to be affected by this feature; molecules written are as complete as displayed in the style Licorice.

*) downloaded today:

$ md5sum ./Avogadro2.AppImage.zip 
aa212c7d2dec759d1e5b6c10bd529197  ./Avogadro2.AppImage.zip

It’s an option if you want to hide or show hydrogens with Balls and Sticks. click on the row with “Ball and Stick” and you’ll see the options:

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 7.11.10 PM

My apologizes, it was an instance of tunnel vision.