Feature Request: Animation Tool should behave like Navigation Tool

Expected behaviour:
When viewing an animation in the animation tool, e.g. a trajectory file of an animation, I would expect to be able to rotate the molecular view just like in the navigation tool.

Actual behaviour:
Clicking and dragging the mouse does nothing to the molecular view. It is tedious to switch back and forth between the two tools just to change the viewing angle.

Thanks - that explains a lot. It should already do that.

As it turns out the navigation tool wasn’t being set as the “default tool” properly, so those clicks were being ignored.

Are you saying that if the currently selected tool doesn’t use click and drag for actions, click and drag will do the same as the Navigation Tool even when it is not selected? And that this is the case for all tools, not just the Animation Tool?

Correct. If the current active tool doesn’t accept the event (mouse or key) it is passed to the default (navigation tool).

So can I expect the fix to be in today’s nightly build for Windows available from two.avogadro.cc ? And at wich UTC time are the nightlies build automatically ?

BTW: Would be nice to have a lable of date and time of the build within the about dialogue to distinguish versions.

Oh ok, that’s very useful to know.

Yes, I’m working on that because the “nightly” don’t easily get identifiable version numbers.

If nothing else, this is a relevant build:

My hope is to finish up a few more bug fixes and put out a 1.99.1 release by the end of March.

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