Exporting with POV-Ray cutting the top off a structure

Hi, I’m trying to export with POV-Ray and it keeps cutting the top and bottom off from the molecule. I’ve tried zooming in and out (in Avogadro) but it’s refusing to include the whole molecule render.

This hasn’t ever been a problem before. It’s like POV-Ray is too far zoomed in on it when it renders.

Any help would be appreciated.

See the POV-Ray documentation about setting / adjusting the camera. Avogadro writes the positions to the file, but as you see, doesn’t necessarily set the camera view ideally:


Similar to a camera lens (if you grew up with the analogue technique) angle in the block similar to

camera {
	location <-0, -0, 13.32>
	angle 70
	up <0, 1, 0>
	right <1, 0, 0> * 1.33333
	direction <-0, -0, -1> }

can help here. The larger the value, the more the scene looks like through a wide angle. A smaller (still positive) value is more like telescopic lens, more likely that peripheral parts of the scene become invisible.

That makes sense, thanks for the help!