Exporting VASP-ready file

I wish to export a structure to a format that can be readily used with VASP/ASE. A POSCAR or CIF file would be easiest, but an XYZ file with the periodic boundaries included would be great as well. When I save as an XYZ file, it removes all periodicity from the structure. Is there a good alternative?

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Avogadro supports all file formats from Open Babel including POSCAR, CIF, etc.


Thank you for the reply. I apologize if this is trivial, but how can Avogadro be used to export a file in such a format? I see there that the VASP format is read-only.

Is this issue settled yet? I am using it on windows and I wanted to save the structure in VASP format with the cell dimension and periodic boundary condition. However, I don’t see that working properly. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.