Exporting a crystal structure crashes/closes Avogadro

I believe this to be a bug with Avogadro

Environment Information

Avogadro version: 1.99.0
Operating system and version: Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22631

Expected Behavior

Expect saving crystal structures to not crash program

Actual Behavior

Saving crystal structures occasionally crashes program, but still saves correctly

Steps to Reproduce

Using the crystal structure database, import a crystal (generally a more complex structure crashes the program), and then try to export the crystal as a .cif file. The program will freeze when it is saving, and then close out.

Can you give me a few specific examples (ideally both the “more complex structure crashes”) and the export crash?

Thanks - definitely want to figure this one out.

I can’t actually reproduce the crash anymore it seems, I have no idea what was going on when it started crashing earlier today, and even now when I load the most unholy crystal structure known to man it still works. Maybe it was a sort of cache error that I was encountering and something happened to fix it. I think it was extra weird though that even after closing out Avogadro and reopening it crashed again, but then didn’t continue crashing later.