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Error while reading file. Error, no molecule node found

Hi all, I installed Avogadro2 on Ubuntu 20.04, after I have saved the molecules in .cml format and try to open them, Avogadro gives me the following error: "Error while reading file … cml:
Error, no molecule node found ". How can I solve?

Can you send me some of the files? If you try saving to a different format (e.g., CJSON) does it work?

It’s strange considering CML is supported with internal code…

Hi ghutchis, I built the methane molecule, saved in cml format, then I tried to open the file with Avogadro but the error you see in the attachment appears.

On drive you will find the molecule file.



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Aha, I see. This is a CJSON with a CML extension. As a workaround, rename the extension and you should be good.

I’ll add some better error-checking in the “save file” code - if someone changes the extension to change the format.

  "atoms": {
    "coords": {
      "3d": [