Current Status

I realize this is essentially only going out to Donald, but I figured
I should post a “current status” of where things are, what works,
what doesn’t, etc. I’d generally suggest trying to get it compiled,
trying it out, and using the bug tracker to make sure little things
get fixed.


  • What’s working:
  • General viewing code
  • Multiple windows
  • What’s not working:
  • Saving – current writes an empty file.
  • Translation should occur with the right mouse button, but is
    clearly buggy.
  • Quits (very slowly) after last window is closed.
  • Doesn’t really check to see if a file is “modified” – always asks
    if you want to save before closing.
  • Undo / redo aren’t implemented.
  • Exporting graphics creates a blank file. Qt creates a new OpenGL
    context and requires all display lists to be created in a following
    call to initGL. Oops.
  • Recent file menu is sometimes confused, but sometimes works great.
  • Not implemented: