Current status and the way ahead

Moin folks

I just added a working © i18n support. The qm-files are now copied to
$PREFIX/i18n and loaded from there. One issue remains: I don’t understand how
to load the qt-qm-files… Perhaps somebody of you could have a look at that?

Now about the other issue: The two .ts files overlap to much. I think for 0.2
and perhaps 0.3 we should simply have one file for all of it. When the time
comes for KDE 4.1 we will reinvestigate in the hope that this is either
easier with Qt 4.4 or somebody with much more Qt-foo pops up :slight_smile:

If we agree on that I’d translate Avogadro to German within the week (with the
help of soc from IRC I hope).