Compilation doubts

Hey! I was trying to change some file in avogadroapp which were written in python, I want to compile them but not able to find any way, can somebody help me with this.
Also when I build compilation errors were not display(I made syntax error to check compilation)

How to compile/debug individual files or app, please help me with that

Python is not compiled. Are you talking about the avogadro-remote script? You can use a pre-compiled version of Avogadro (e.g., a nightly build) with that.

One reason we have added Python support is that people can develop features in Avogadro without needing to edit / compile the C++ codebase.

Oh! Now I got the point, correct me If I am wrong, python libraries are developed to change/upgrade or add features through the python cmds

Yes, that’s right. There is some draft documentation here. If it isn’t clear, please ask and I’ll clarify and update the docs.

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