Clearing selection with selection tool

I was working on the docs and was reminded of something I noticed a while ago.

Environment Information

Avogadro version: 1.98.1
Operating system and version: OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Expected Behavior

Hovering over the Selection Tool shows a tooltip that says that right-click on the empty field should deselect everything. The docs claim the same thing.

Actual Behavior

On my system this isn’t the case though – right-click does nothing, and a triple-left-click seems to be what is necessary to deselect, though it is not always necessary for the three to be in rapid succession.

What’s the behaviour on other systems, and what should it be?

I’m not sure what a “triple click” would do … there’s a double-click event … and then the click (mouse press, mouse release) would be processed.

I’d have to think through the logic a bit in selectiontool as far as a right click. Should be an easy bug fix, though.

How does it work on your mac?

I don’t have my laptop set up for right clicks. But the recent pull request should clear selection with a right click and release.

It didn’t change anything, sadly :frowning:

So how do you clear the selection without right click? And shouldn’t Ctrl+LeftClick always do right click on a Mac?