.cjson file getting read

I saved my file with extension .cjson in avogadro2 but it not opening now , it is showing OpenBabel error: conversion failed. I am too frustrated with this now.

If you saved it as a CJSON file, it would be read directly.

Can you please post the file and a screenshot, some more information:

  • what version you’re using
  • what OS you’re using
  • etc.


Another problem I am using Avogadro-1.2.0n-win32 on windows OS but after dragging from a atom it is not forming a bond

Also right clicking does not delete the bond

We cannot support Avogadro 1.2, sorry.

Can you provide some details as to Avogadro2 with CJSON as I asked above? Thanks.

File was of 0kb I again built the molecule and saved it as pdb

Leave that , I have several concerns , where is the option to replicate the molecule in Avogadro2