Change surface color

Dear all,

I am using Avogadro2 v. 1.93 to plot molecular orbitals from cube files. In the old Avogadro there was the possibility to change the surface colors via “Display type -> Surfaces”. There was a wrench for every listed subpoint within display types. However, for Avogadro2 it seems that all the possibilities of individual option adjustings are gone. Are these options still available and just hidden or have they been removed?


I should be able to get that added, I was just thinking about how it really is time to offer color and opacity modification! It is not there right now, but it won’t take me long to get it added in. Thanks for posting the question and testing out Avogadro.

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Thanks for your reply, sir!


I am having the same issue. Has the option of coloring surfaces been added ? Do we need to install an update ?