Can't open the program after downloading

Hi, I just installed Avogadro2 1.99.0 (window).

Then upon clicking on it, nothing happens. The program just doesn’t want to start.
I tried the nightly one as well. The same thing occurs.

Did I do anything wrong?
(Avogadro1 opens just fine)

Thanks for your help in advance

Does a log file get saved to <USER>\AppData\Local\OpenChemistry\Avogadro\ that you can upload?

Actually the log should still be in Documents / avogadro2.log for 1.99.0

Yes, there is a log file in Documents
This is the one.

avogadro2.log (253.0 KB)

It looks like for some reason, it’s creating the force fields, then does some things, then for some reason, creates the force fields again and crashes that second time.

Let me think if there’s a good way to prevent that. (Shouldn’t happen in the first place, but :man_shrugging: )

Thanks for the quick reply.

I can’t open the program at all from my laptop (this is the file from my laptop).

I installed the latest version on my PC as well, and it runs perfectly fine. Even the MMFF through OpenBabel runs normally.

Don’t suppose it’s anything to do with this that I spotted in mainwindow.cpp the other day, is it?

  // Now load the plugins.
  PluginManager* plugin = PluginManager::instance();

  // Call this a second time, not needed but ensures plugins only load once.

Did you get the solution? I am having the same problem. Please let me know how it works

Please try a nightly build if you are having problems with 1.99 on Windows.

I am still having problem with nightly build one too. It gets installed but never runs or opens.

Is there any other way that I may have missed?

Can you post the avogadro2.log file in Documents?

avogadro2.log (85.3 KB)

Yes, here it is

How long did you wait for Avogadro2 to open ?
Sometimes it takes up to 2 min to start up on windows.

I think I must have wait for it like… more than an hour and nothing happen. Anyway, I am using it on my PC now cause it does not work on my laptop.