Can't open File : Reading molecular file failed

Hey everyone,
I am a new user of Avogadro so maybe I am missing something evident.
Here is my problem :
For my PhD I want to build a 3D model of the nanoparticle I work with. It is quite a big one around 15 kDa. I can peform the construction to the end but when I save the file I can’t open it again, I have this message instead : “Reading molecular file failed”
I get this message when the “cml” file start to be bigger than 100 Ko.
Do you have any idea ? Is there a file size limit on Avgadro ? Maybe be I can save it in an other format to build it somewhere else ?
Thank you for your help !!

Do you need to start with a .cml file about a structure of 15 kDa? What if you import the structure in a different format (e.g., .pdb for RNA/DNA, if .pdb was the original file format), or/and with a structure with less than 15 kDa to start with? Are there repetitive units like unit cells which 1) one could load, and 2) then multiply by translation in Avogadro? If you construct a nanoparticle with Avogadro, what is the target file format you want to work with after using Avogadro? (I assume you have access to Avogadro 1.95 as provided e.g., by Debian (tracker).)

If the input file is not confidential, you may consider to deposit an accessible copy e.g., on

Avogadro works with lots of different file formats. It might help if you can upload the file somewhere and we can take a look.

I’m not aware of a limit to CML files, although I admit I haven’t built any 15 kDa nanoparticles. :smile:

If you want a different file format, I might suggest XYZ which should be essentially limitless.