Can we use avogadro to make TiP4P style lammps structure?

Dear All
It is the first time to use Avogadro I have seen several tools and I hope I can solve my problem,
I have H2o, H2, and O2 structure, this structure has to be used with REAXFF potential molde in lammps code,
but when I need to use it with TiP4P model of lammps the H2O, and H2 and O2 have to follow different style and bond, angles have to be added,
the problem is I can’t tell which atom of O belongs to H2O or O2 and which H atom belongs to H2O or H2, so can I use Avogadro to export the file into TiP4P style? where for example O comes first then H, H (for H2o molecule), (O, O for O2) and (H, H for H2) to be recognized as a molecule in TiP4P. Does any suggestion please?