Building Openbabel in Mac OS 10.6.1

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Summary: Building Openbabel in Mac OS 10.6.1

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Hi All.

This certainly is not the list to post this, but.

I have not tried compiling Avo from sources for a while,
but since I migrated to Snow Leopard, I can no longer
compile OB and, hence, Avo, be it from older sources
or the latest svn (for OB).

The problem arises from the new default 64 bit option
in gcc 4.2. OB compiles and runs perfectly in 64 bit mode.
The problem is that QT won’t at the moment, so OB
must be compiled in 32 bit.

I tried “export CXXFLAGS=-m32” before configure and
sort of works, but some binaries are still "x86_84"
rather than “i386”.

Any clues ?

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