Bug report

Dear Professor,
Thanks for software. Itseems very nice software. However, it seems to me that there is a bug inimporting crystal structures. I have generated Molybdenite(MoS2) in Vesta (3D visualization program); 120 atoms and 204 bonds. Theexported file from Vesta is imported in softwares Avogadro, AscalaphMolecular Designer, Gaussian 09, Spartan, and CrystalMaker (please see attached). Thecrystal structure in Avogadro and AscalaphMolecular Designer has a bug which is the bond between Mo-Mo. In last threesoftwares, there is no such a bug. How can I fix this issue? I lookforward to hearing from you soon.
kind regards,Farzad Mohebbi(PhD) Vesta: 120 atoms, 204bondsAvogadro: 120 atoms, 213 bonds(some extra bond plots in Mo-Mo)AscalaphMolecular Designer: 120 atoms, 290 bonds (some extra bond plots in Mo-Mo)Gaussian 09: 120 atoms, 204 bondsSpartan: 120 atoms, 204bondsCrystalMaker: 120 atoms, 204 bonds