Bug: Can't select Cube data from Surface menu

Avogadro2 1.99.0 nightly build of today
OS: Windows 10 64bit with all updates

I created a cube file from an orca calculation via orca_plot…
The file can be opened and the geometry is correctly loaded.
I click Analysis → Create Surface and the dialogue is shown.

What happens:
The drop down list in Analysis → Create Surface only lists Van der Waals, Solvent Excluded, and Solvent Accessible Surface.

What is expected:
The drop down list in Analysis → Create Surface should list “Data from cube file”, too. If one can’t visualize the cube data, the cube file is useless.

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Do you mind posting a link to the cube file?

Not at all. Here it is as zip file.

Have you had time to download the file yet ?

Yes, I can reproduce the bug. I’ll take a look this weekend - it’s been a busy few weeks.

My guess is that when the surfaces dialog code was cleaned up, the “from file” option isn’t triggered anymore.

No worries ! And thanks a lot.
This has no high priority for me since classic Avogadro works well enough.
I was just checking. It’s easy to overlook something in a forum.

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