Avogardo 0.9.7 regressions

Testing Avogadro 0.9.7 uncovers the following regressions and bugs:

Bug: - Avogadro is here always installed with German menu names and there is no choice in the
preferences to switch back to English.

Regression: all accents in the menu names are broken. It seems that menu names are now shown in
ASCII encoding instead of Unicode or at least CP-1252. I can provide a screenshot if you like.
(I can verify this for German Umlauts, for French it was reported here:
One of these bugs can be marked as duplicate of the other one btw. )

Regression: Insert a Lithium atom while the adjust hydrogens option is set. As result you don’t get
LiH, but only a Li atom. This is a regression since version 0.9.3!
(see also http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2803076&group_id=165310&atid=835077)

regards Uwe