Avogadro's Issues

Hi Valerian,

One thing to note is that Avogadro is under “beta” development. The
last release was made in May – and the development has been continuing.

I have a problem with Avogadro: see attached screenshot. When
running on Windows XP, it show a mysterious rectangles on the
junctions instead of the helpful information… The same issue with a
"Measurent Tool", which info not displayed correctly… What to do?

As Marcus mentioned, this is an OpenGL bug. I think it’s one we may
have solved in the development code, since several of us faced
similar bugs after the May release of 0.1.

Also I intend to write a plugin for Avogadro, which will calculate
some parameters… Could you give me an example & a code of working
plugin for Avogadro?

There are different types of “plugins” for Avogadro. In fact, pretty
much everything you see in Avogadro is itself a plugin which we
wrote. There are three general types right now:

  • Mouse tools (i.e., the draw tool, the click tool, etc.)
  • Render engines (i.e., how the molecule is presented graphically to
    the user)
  • Extensions (i.e., menu commands)

Each of these has different interfaces and headers. If you’d like to
discuss what type of plugin you’d like to use, we can help you. In
general, if you want the source code, you should use the latest SVN


Cheers (and welcome!),