Avogadro2 quits on Vibrational Modes

I would like view normal modes calculated by Gaussian16. This works for some output files in Avogadro1. For some other output files, Avogadro1 will not open them. They can be opened in Avogadro2 after downloading the cclib extension.

Environment Information

Avogadro version:1.97.0
Operating system and version:
MacOS Mojave

Expected Behavior

Opening Gaussian .out file w/freq calculation using cclib reader. Opens successfully (without connectivity). Opening Analysis → Vibrational Modes I assume would show the normal modes and frequencies (but maybe this hasn’t been added to Avo2?)

Actual Behavior

Program quits.

Steps to Reproduce

Open Gaussian .out file w/ cclib reader. Open Analysis → Vibrational Modes menu.
Please upload files if appropriate here (or via file-sharing service like Dropbox or Pastebin)