Avogadro2 from yum on centos7 non-functional

I’ve just installed avogadro2 on centos 7 using the yum package. When I open the application, I receive the following error messages:

libGL error: unable to load driver: swrast_dri.so
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
libpng warning: Unknown iTXt compression type or method
libpng warning: Unknown iTXt compression type or method

I receive the first two routinely when opening vmd and the program still functions. The second two I have not encountered. The avogadro2 window does open, however, the background is red while the program believes it is black and no atoms can be placed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, George

Hi George - the libpng warnings are innocuous.

Since we don’t maintain the yum packages, I’d suggest filing a bug with Centos and the package maintainers.

I’ve been tracking down a background color bug (mine ends up defaulting to light gray and I can’t reset it.)

So my question is about “no atoms can be placed” - can you open files to get them to render?

Hi Geoff,
It seems that trying to open a file leads to more new issues rather than providing any information about the original problem. I attempted to open both a Mopac and Gaussian output file, but both failed due to OpenBabel parsing errors.

Sorry I couldn’t provide any more useful information.

Can you send the files or a link to the files and/or the specific errors?

If you think there are problems with rendering, you can also download an XYZ or PDB file - these will be parsed with native Avogadro2 code, so there shouldn’t be any issue with Open Babel.

I loaded an XYZ file. The load was successful, but nothing was rendered and the background stayed a solid red color the entire time. No error messages were displayed at any point.

Since I don’t know about how the CentOS package was produced, I think at this point, I’d take it up with them. It’s strange that VMD works (i.e., OpenGL rendering is fine).

Do you have other Qt5 packages that work?

Definitely keep me informed. We’ll be building a new release fairly soon and I’m hoping that we can generate other kinds of packages as part of that.