Avogadro vs. Avogadro2

I hope this is the right channel to post a question.

I have used Avogadro in the past, and very much liked its usability, first in Debian, then on Windows. The features I enjoyed were that it has an excellent, intuitive interface and that it just works, so it’s an excellent recommendation for students!

Most recently, we tried installing from a package on Ubuntu 20, and want to use it for teaching a class. Apparently, the version currently packaged on Ubuntu is Avogadro2 rather than Avogadro v1. This is somewhat of a game-killer for us, because the geometry optimization is more hidden (and I can’t find the conformational search anymore) and, most importantly the extensions for interacting with, e.g. GAMESS, seem to be completely missing.

  • Is there a way to get a packaged version with the features of the v1 interface, or do I have to build from source?
  • Given the features we are looking for, are we better off rolling back to v1 (and where would I get that?) or is there a version of v2 that does include the features we are looking for?

Many thanks in advance, and apologies in advance if I’m missing an important point about the different versions!

Environment Information

Avogadro version: 1.93.0 (Avogadro2)
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 20

Expected Behavior

An extension menu like the one shown here

Actual Behavior


Steps to Reproduce

apt-get install avogadro

apt-get install openbabel

Explore menus.

Also went to “Extensions --> Plugin downloader” and selected all.

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As you might imagine from a major version number, we’re moving things around in the menu. There’s another reorganization still to come, but IMHO, the disorientation will be worth it.

Right now, you should find input generators (including GAMESS) under the “Quantum” menu:

I’m sorry – I wasn’t configured properly and just now saw this reply.

This is the best answer possible, thanks!

When I install from a package via Ubuntu, I don’t see the “input generators” menu option (I just see the “vibrational modes…”, greyed out, and there is no “Input Generators” option). Does this mean I just need to install the scripts?

I found your github page, but I can’t find documentation on where I need to put these so that avogadro can find them. Can you point me to the appropriate documentation?

Thanks very much!

At the moment, there is not great documentation for Avo2. I’ve been swamped and I don’t have the funds to hire an undergrad.

There are a few places it should get recognized: