Avogadro rpm

Hi, i made avogadro rpm for suse as i told you…

anyway i would like to ask you i all work has been done correctly.

i split avogadro into 3 packages…

avogadro - libavogadro0 - avogadro-devel

Are somebody able to check if all files are in the correct package? thanks


  1. %doc AUTHORS ChangeLog COPYING
  2. %{_datadir}/%{name}
  3. %{_bindir}/avogadro
  4. %{_datadir}/pixmaps/%{name}.png
  5. %{_datadir}/applications/%name.desktop


  1. %dir %{_datadir}/libavogadro
  2. %dir %{_datadir}/libavogadro/i18n
  3. %{_includedir}/avogadro
  4. %{_datadir}/libavogadro/i18n/*.qm


  1. %{_libdir}/avogadro
  2. %{_libdir}/.so.
  3. %{_libdir}/*.so