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Avogadro on windows 10 store


Hi, I’m part of the UWP Open Source Community (https://github.com/UWP-Open-Source-Community). Our intent is to take Win32 Open Source applications and convert them into UWP apps through the Windows Bridge (Project Centennial).
We like your app and that’s why we decided to convert it.
In case you would like to take charge of this app and publish it yourself on the store (make us very pleased) contact us the first possible please! Otherwise, we may be responsible for publishing your app. I think is a great idea to share tris fantastic
software. If you do not want to take over the publication on the Store, can you give us permission to do so?
Sorry for my poor English.
Thanks for your help.

Sincerly, Marco Leonardi.

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Avogadro is open source, so there’s no permission needed to distribute it.

If there are modifications needed to make it available, please let us know so that we can consider merging them into the full version.



Hi ghutchis, thanks for the reply. It’s great to integrate AvogadrO into the windows store. I’m also a chemistry student from the University of Catania (Italy) and this program has made me love even more what I was studying and now i hope avogadro can help other people. Windows 10 store is a great chance. As soon as I get more information. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Sincerly, Marco Leonardi.