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Avogadro-libs-1.93.0 fails to build due to missing "archive.h"

Avogadro version
Qt: 5.9.2

Desktop version
OS: Linux Scienfitic Linux (compatible with Redhat EL7)
Version: 7.6
Compiler: gcc-c+±4.8.5-39.el7.x86_64, cmake-

Describe the bug
I am making a package of “avogadro2-libs-1.93.0-1.fc32” on the RHEL7 platform. But, the build fails in the part of “plugindownloader” due to missing “archive.h”.

The error message is the following. The cause of “la_int64_t” should be defined by “archive.h”. This header, “archive.h”, is defined in “zipextracter.h”.

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

In "avogadrolibs-1.93.0/avogadro/qtplugins/plugindownloader/zipextracter.h"
#include “archive.h”
#include “archive_entry.h”

We use the following packages which were required by the build.

  • libarchive-3.1.2-14.el7_7.x86_64
  • msgpack-3.1.0-2.el7.x86_64
  • mmtf-cpp-devel-1.0.0-2.el7.x86_64


/tmp/avogadro2/BUILD/avogadrolibs-1.93.0/avogadro/qtplugins/plugindownloader/zipextracter.cpp: In member function ‘int Avogadro::QtPlugins::ZipExtracter::copyData(archive*, archive*)’:
/tmp/avogadro2/BUILD/avogadrolibs-1.93.0/avogadro/qtplugins/plugindownloader/zipextracter.cpp:38:3: error: ‘la_int64_t’ was not declared in this scope
la_int64_t offset;
/tmp/avogadro2/BUILD/avogadrolibs-1.93.0/avogadro/qtplugins/plugindownloader/zipextracter.cpp:38:3: note: suggested alternative: ‘u_int64_t’
la_int64_t offset;
/tmp/avogadro2/BUILD/avogadrolibs-1.93.0/avogadro/qtplugins/plugindownloader/zipextracter.cpp:41:52: error: ‘offset’ was not declared in this scope
r = archive_read_data_block(ar, &buff, &size, &offset);
/tmp/avogadro2/BUILD/avogadrolibs-1.93.0/avogadro/qtplugins/plugindownloader/zipextracter.cpp:41:52: note: suggested alternative: ‘off_t’
r = archive_read_data_block(ar, &buff, &size, &offset);

Thank you in advance

Are you using a recent version of the openchemistry repository and/or USE_SYSTEM_LIBARCHIVE ?

The downloader uses libarchive which is clearly your missing header.

I’ll post this to the GitHub issue too;

I simply took an RPM source package of FedoraCore 32 and have migrated it for CentOS7/SL7.

It would be hard to explain all configurations only on this thread so that I made a configuration of docker container and its builder.

As you can see, the build logs are

It fails in the section of “plugindownloader”.

The source RPMs I put are
under avogadro2-docker/avogadro2-packages

In this build, this spec file is used.

under avogadro2-docker/avogadro2-packages/avogadro2-libs-1.93.0-1.fc32.src/avogadro2-libs.spec

In the section of ‘build’, it fails. In Fedora Core 32 which should build the original source RPM (avogadro2-libs-1.93.0-1.fc32.src), I still do not succeed its build.

If I need to put some other packages such as openchemistry, I’d put it in the SPEC file. Could you tell me which package we need?

export LDFLAGS="%{__global_ldflags} -Wl,–as-needed"



-Wno-dev \




-DPYTHON_VERSION:STRING=%{python3_version} \

%if 0%{?fedora}













-DSPGLIB_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=%{_libdir}/libsymspg.so \






Thank you in advance,

I tried also “-DUSE_SYSTEM_LIBARCHIVE=ON” and some other things (e.g. fixing variable definitions) in the code, but it did not improve the situation.

As far as I can see the spec file, the recent source RPM build (version 1.93.0-1 on 06.Feb.2020) was successful in the fedora build environments. If I cannot fix it, I would contact to the composer of the fedora project.

In any case, I would like to make a build environment of Avogadro2 in Docker, for ‘avogadro2’ and ‘avogadro2-libs’ of the latest master release in Avogadro2 GitHub.

The fedora packager Antonio answered. I could build the package after using the newer libarchive.

I update the “avogadro2-docker” as well.

It’s a compatibility issue with libarchive-3.1.2 provided on EPEL7.

libarchive needs to be updated to a recent version (Fedora 32 provides

Could you please point me at your docker? I’ve been looking through the GitHub action infrastructure and would love to have RH or other RPM builds automatically.