[Avogadro-devel] Plugin Directory v2

It’s been a while, but things are moving forward with a plugin directory website for Avogadro v2. Will Gladstone, who was at the 2018 UGM is currently developing this…

This mock-up is based a bit on the WordPress plugin site, but the Atom plugins are more heavily used.

That is, the website will have a directory of Avogadro plugins in GitHub repositories (with other protocols to come later).

  • Author, # of stars, and version number or latest revision date will be tracked.

  • Plugins can offer a short description and optionally a thumbnail or preview image.

For example Kutay Sezginel here in Chris Wilmer’s group at Pitt has developed a really nice plugin for building ‘nano cars’


I’m curious to get some feedback about how the directory should find the thumbnail and preview/header graphics…

So far, we’ve pushed for a plugin.json file in repositories that gives the name, description, etc. including a list of potential command scripts (e.g., one plugin could have multiple scripts for different actions).

Should the plugin.json include relative paths to graphics if available?