[Avogadro-devel] HR Team: Avogdaro Developers

To the HR Team at Avogadro,

I hope this message finds you well. As a recent graduate, my college chemistry courses used your program and I am reaching out to inquire about information in contributing as a developer to the Avogadro open source project:

Writing technical documentation for the website
Writing up lessons for chemistry teachers
Making suggestions about features or improvements to UIX and product development, in the frontend development stages
Translating Avogadro through localization
Writing tutorials for the Wiki
Reporting bug fixes (several exist at this time within the framework updates for Avogadro 2.0 and incompatibility with MacOS systems)

As Avogadro is intended not only for molecular modeling research, but also for educational use to promote how educators globally interact, discover, and apply research from lessons and tips for using Avogadro in teaching chemistry, I would also appreciate your consideration in requesting permission for the opportunity to review, update, and edit information for Avogadro on your “Teach” page:

Alkene Isomers
HCN Dipoles
Hydrogen Clusters
Hydrogen Molecules
Markovnikov’s Rules
Organic Hybridization
Acid-Base Properties of Amino Acids
1,3-diaxial Interactions

Is the Avogadro Chemistry Company employing at this time apart from volunteer developers in technical roles? Your consideration would be greatly appreciated in any open opportunities that become available. Please note that your developer page is currently down (error: 404 Not Found http://avogadro.cc/wiki/Category:Developer.) If resume/CV are required, please let me know at your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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The new website is here: https://two.avogadro.cc/

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Avogadro has a company behind it.