Avogadro crash with Orca SP + Freq job

I believe this to be a bug with Avogadro

Environment Information

Avogadro version: 1.99.0
Operating system and version: macOS 13.6.3 (running on ARM/M2)

Actual Behavior

Crashes on startup with a segfault

Steps to Reproduce

Output file is attached. The job is a single point energy plus vibrational frequencies (the geometry is pre-optimised, so a geom opt would be a waste of CPU cycles). I’m making an assumption that it’s the missing geometry optimisation that causes the problem, but perhaps it is something else.

0-hess-full.out (85.3 KB)

Huh, works okay for me with the latest build.

Can you try a nightly build from https://two.avogadro.cc/ ?

Works fine with the latest nightly. Thanks!

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