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Avogadro 1 and 2 No Longer Opening (Windows 10)

I’ve previously been able to run Avogadro (version 1.2.0n) and Avogadro v2 (version 1.90.0) successfully on my machine (Windows 10, Version 2004), but now neither can run with both freezing upon opening (with a “Not Running” indicator in the Task Manager).

Troubleshooting done thus far has been full reinstalls of both, reinstalls of Visual C++ (all libraries), applying compatibility mode (for Windows 7) to Avogadro v1, and enabling 32 bit applications via the Internet Information Services Manager. None of these have remedied the problem. Any suggestions?

Upon installing the latest windows version (20H2), both have been restored to their standard functionality, which is to say crashing if there is a stiff breeze.