Avogadro 1.98.1 Release

This is a bug-fix release, particularly for Windows users, removing a filename filter that affected opening and saving files.

This also includes the openbabel-3.dll which was left out of Windows releases.

It otherwise builds on the extensive improvements in the 1.98 release

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Make sure to grab openbabel*.dll on Windows package @ghutchis
  • Migrated typedefs and changed const to constexpr @Atharva-Kanherkar (#1395)
  • Fix Python module install dir @antonio-rojas (#1413)
  • Revert validation of filenames. @ghutchis (#1433)
  • Parsing orca output would crash when swapping orbitals @ghutchis (#1422)

:toolbox: Maintenance

  • Add workflow concurrency - should stop builds during quick changes @ghutchis (#1418)
  • vtk: Add missing OpenGL link target @antonio-rojas (#1412)

:books: Translations

  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate @weblate (#1425)
  • Automated translation updates @github-actions (#1424)


Thanks to many contributors, including: @Atharva-Kanherkar, @antonio-rojas, @atharrrva15, @ghutchis, @github-actions, @ovari, @weblate, Alejandro Díaz-Moscoso and Martin Slavík