Avogadro 1.93 rotate selection

Dear all,

I am using Avogadro2 v. 1.93 and I am facing a problem when I want to rotate only a selected subsystem with the “Manipulate” tool. With left-click the translation can be done. For the Avogadro 1.2 the rotation was achieved via right-click and drag. However, within Avogadro2 right-click will just do a translation on the whole system (even within “Manipuate” mode). Does someone know how to fix this issue?


Hello Urwald,

I am having the same problem. As for fixing the issue at code level, I don’t know. As a workaround, I export the system so Jmol can read it, and use Jmol to rotate the subsystem. I have only used this for small molecules.

Hope this helps!