Avogadro 1.93.0 Export Molecule does not work

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I am using Avogadro 1.93.0 and I am facing a problem when trying to export molecular structures in xyz data format (or any other data format available at “Export Molecule…”). Error message: “Unable to find suitable file writer for the selected format”. I am running Avogadro at Ubuntu 20.04 and Qt version 5.12.8. There is a workaround using the “Build -> Atomic Coordinate Editor” and then copy the coordinates into a new file. However, does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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Saving to XYZ should happen from internal code, so I’m not sure why that’s happening. How did you install Avogadro, and what version of Open Babel are you using?

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I installed Avogadro via the package manager (apt-get install avogadro). I am using openbabel v.3.0.0 (also installed via package manager).


When you go to Export as an XYZ file do you see this dialog?

Obviously, you’ll want the Avogadro option.

I am getting a different dialog than youavogadro_error

Edit: Just to be absolutely sure, I am talking about the new Avogadro2 (v.1.93.0)

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And just to be sure, you set the extension to ‘.xyz’ right? What was the filename?

As I said, I could understand if something is weird with obabel (e.g., it’s not in your path) but there’s native code for writing XYZ files.

Let me see if I can get an Ubuntu package built from Github.

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Ok, mistery solved. I just did not add “.xyz” to the filename, because I chose “XYZ” from the file type pull down menu. After adding .xyz everything works as intended. Sorry for wasting your time and thank you.

Interesting!! I happened to have similar problem. I am following the gromacs tutorial:

Open jz4.pdb in Avogadro, and from the “Build” menu, choose “Add Hydrogens.” Avogadro will build all of the H atoms onto the JZ4 ligand. Save a .mol2 file (File -> Save As… and choose Sybyl Mol2 from the drop-down menu) named “jz4.mol2.”

url : http://www.mdtutorials.com/gmx/complex/02_topology.html
But there is no drop-down menu.
I install Openbable and Avogadro using apt-get install.

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Yes, that tutorial is using Avogadro v1. You can get the same result from Avo2 (1.93) using Export => Molecule.

We’re of two minds about separating out the “export” from the “Save As” command. A lot of users don’t realize they lose data when they save to XYZ or PDB - and then complain the ‘bonds are wrong’ when reading back. So we separated out the native formats for “Save As…” and other formats for Export.


No, it’s still helpful - it should be adding the extension when you specifically pick a format. I’ll go check that.

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It’s important to note that this (and many other bugs) are solved in newer Avogadro releases: