Avogadro 0.9

Hi all.

I have just pulled the github version of the day.
If I am wright, avogadro pre-0.90.

Working on an Intel MacBook, latest system updates.

As already mentioned, I deleted the whole OB and
Avo lib trees before compiling anything.
I then installed OB trunk 2798, i.e. babel version 2.2.99.
Then compiled Avo against that version of OB.
Just before doing that, I did the same thing using OB 2.2.0.
Same error messages in both cases:
“Reading molecular file failed”.
Same thing for saving a molecule.
But, this may be a hint:
Then “Quit”. Instead of replying “Do not save”, tried “Save”,
selected the format and the file was saved!

Otherwise, the new french ts file looks good except
for “Build” in the Avo main menu and a few new strings
here and there. Normal since the Launcpad template
has not been updated for a while. This brings me to
an older request: branching Launchpad.