Avogadro 0.9.1 this weekend - 24 hours for fixes


It is that time again - I would like to make a new release. Predictably
I am going to call it Avogadro 0.9.1 and think it is important we get it
out soon. I would like to ask that you try and get any bug fixes in
today or tomorrow. I will hopefully have time to make the tag and
release on Sunday.

Major issues I would like to address:-

  • New Windows installer without the manifest issues.
  • New source package that can compile against Eigen 2.0
  • Fixed several crasher bugs that have cropped up
  • Various optimisations to the orbital calculation code

There are some new features such as the vibration code that would be
great to get in too. As this is our final beta series before 1.0 it
would be great to have a monthly release to gain wider feedback.

Let me know if this is a reasonable timescale and if there are any fixes
I should wait for.